Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Born Without...

I know what I am about to write may tick off some extreme feminists. But, it's my opinion, so I am not sorry. :) I believe that there are some things that are innately feminine and masculine. That's not to say that both genders may possess the same qualities but overall, there are some things that are just born into us. For instance, I believe that females are born with nurturing, caring, and loving abilities that make for a great mother (like mine!). Whereas males are born with the "fix-it" attitude, whether it be toys, electronics, or problems, they try and "fix-it."

That being said, I think I was born without one specific thing that I think all girls are born with. The ability to paint nails. I don't have that skill. No matter how hard I try, it always turns out the same...the top part of my finger is, nail, cuticle, and most of the time knuckle. Kalar's sister Corean found out about my lack of skill last Friday. (By the way, for the newbies, Kalar is my boyfriend...the one I moved to Minnesnowta for.) My lack of talent in that area is so bad that I have developed a method for the 3 or 4 times a year I do paint my nails. I make sure I do it before bed. I let them dry and then in the morning shower, I scrape off the paint that covers my skin. Mission accomplished, beautifully painted nails for work that day and no one is the wiser.

On Friday, the day before Valentines Day, Corean and I were visiting Cindy in the hospital. While the t.v. show F.R.I.E.N.D.S was on (BEST SHOW EVER!) Corean decided she wanted her nails painted and she requested I paint them for her and in turn, she would paint mine. As I internally freaked out, I somehow calmly said, "Sure." I grabbed a towel to put in my lap as I sat down and faced her. We picked out a nice dark red color. I grabbed her hand, and began. With every mistake, I took my fingernail and tried to scrape off the wet color on her skin. By the time I was done, not only did Corean have the red all over her hands, but somehow I managed to get it all over my hands, fingers, palms, knuckles, back of my hand, etc. I looked at Corean and could tell she was confused at my lack of painting abilities. I told her about my absence of skill with the brush. I apologized and explained that I probably should have warned her ahead of time. She said she noticed what I was doing but didn't have the heart to ask me...she said she could see how hard I was concentrating. When it was her turn to paint my nails, she did it perfectly. Point proven...painting nails is something that gals are born with. Well, all gals except me! Now I know what you are thinking, practice makes perfect. Well let me put it to you this way, I am 29 and have been trying to paint my fingers and toes since I could hold a paint brush. You would think I would have developed that skill by now.

***By the way, Cindy is doing extremely well! She was able to go home for a couple hours this past Saturday and Sunday. The doctors say they don't want her to get too comfortable at the hospital. They wanted to remind her what she was working towards. She said she remembered most of the house, but a lot of it she didn't. The longer she was there, the more familiar it became. She is still working on a lot of her motor skills and relearning to write and tie her shoes. She is just a miracle!

Monday, February 2, 2009

January doesn't suck after all!

So, I and others around me experienced a MIRACLE. Believe me, I do not use that word lightly. The woman whom I, and others I know, have been praying for beat the odds. She woke up, and is now walking and talking! The doctors took the catheter out yesterday and let her eat real food! She is still working on her hand-eye coordination and her short term memory but PRAISE GOD she is alive!!! With a lot of occupational therapy and speech therapy, she may even lead a "normal" life! I am so excited! The odds were against her. The doctors though she was brain dead and wasn't going to live very long. The hospital was so amazed at her recovery that they wanted to write a paper on her! I celebrate every day I get to spend with her!


So, Saturday, I was on my way to pick up a friend to go to the hospital. Across the street from where I live is a boat launch to Eagle Lake. The friend lives on the other side of the lake. I decide that because I now live in Minnesota, I will embrace the culture and drive over the lake. I cautiously pull onto the frozen lake, fully intending to drive across the lake, park in their backyard and then proceed to claim the high-fives that were due for my heroism and ingenious fortitude. As I pull my car onto the ice, I remember Kalar telling me to make sure my windows are rolled down and my seat belt is undone, just in case I fall through; I will have an easy escape route. So, I follow his direction and roll my windows down and take off my seat belt. As I am driving, I notice other vehicles on the lake driving with their windows up. I feel sorry for them. If we all fall through, I may be the only one who survives. I focus back on the task at hand. Driving on a lake. The further out I go, the more fun I am having. It seems so amazing to be driving with my car where just a couple months ago, I was riding in a boat! I get halfway across the lake and notice a large cluster of people, vehicles, and ice houses. I think, "Wow, it sure is a busy ice fishing day!" As I expertly maneuver around their ice houses and their red flags stuck in their fishing holes, I see my friends' house. I start imagining the high-fives again. I get about 50 yards from the backyard and stop. Not on purpose. My wheels still were spinning but my car was not moving. Apparently, one can get stuck in the snow on the lake! I pull out my cell phone and dial my friends number. She picks up, "Hello?"

"Corean? It's Erin. I'm stuck." I said with slight embarrassment.

"Where are you?"

"Are you in your kitchen?" I ask this because the house she is in has a beautiful bay window overlooking the lake.

"Yes." She responds.

"Look out your window." The laughter that ensues is one that has marred the inside of my skull forever because I knew my chance of receiving accolades for my deed has died.

She sent her friend (Charlotte) out to help me dig my car out of the snow. It didn't work. We tried for about 10 minutes before we turned to the large fishing population for help. About 7 men came and pushed my car out and Charlotte drove it back across the lake and around on the pavement to Corean's house. One female that walked over explained that she wanted to come help me about 10 minutes ago but the guys she was with were having too much fun laughing at me.

I slowly walk to the back of the house, up the brick steps, and in the back door. I hear the laughter and as I look up, I see a hand held high for me to slap...I got my high-five! Not for the reason I was expecting. I got it for the, oh, how did Darren put it, "The sheer entertainment of it!" He then said that one should only attempt what I did with a 4-wheel truck or SUV. I then looked back at the lake and it was only then did I notice, there was not one car out there.

I later found out that if one should fall through the lake in their car, no car insurance will cover it. And then, to top that off, the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) will fine you $10,000 to remove your car from the bottom of the lake! So, you are out a car and 10 Grand! I wont be doing that ever again. From now on, I will stick to the pavement!

It was an awesome experience I now have in my back pocket!