Thursday, January 22, 2009

January Sucks

The last two weeks have been an experience that I do not soon want to repeat.

Last week the temp dropped to negative 20's and 30's...that's straight temp, not wind chill! I have a "Carhart" ninja mask that I so elegantly donned for the frozen-ness that was my life. I can't understand why people were laughing at me at work taunting me saying, "Oh, the California girl thinks it's cold," and, "Poor California girl's cold!" (They always throw in the fact that I am from California; as if being from there makes me a wuss!) All I know is, I may have looked ridiculous, but at least my face didn't freeze off!!!

The weather started to warm up to the teens to lower 30's this week. Rumor has it, this winter will have another cold snap or two before Spring. I just keep reminding myself, "I love him," and, "The school system is great out here."


This past Saturday was rough. A woman that I have grown to love had a massive heart attack. She is still in the hospital, trying to wake up from a coma. Every day is a little better, she moved her head on her own yesterday! We wont know the severity of brain damage until she is conscience. They had lost a heart beat for 5 min. thus the brain had no oxygen for that long.

This is the first experience of someone close to me coming this close to death out of the blue. She wasn't sick. She is not old. There really was no build up to this! I really don't understand why. I know it isn't possible to see the "why." I can't see the "big picture." I know God does. I know He is a miracle worker. I know He is bigger than medical statistics. I know He is the ultimate healer. I know He answers prayers. But, what if His answer is, "No."?

I know all the "right" things to say, "We'll get through this," "God wouldn't give you anything that you and He couldn't handle together," "There is a reason," etc... It's always different when you are in the middle of it. It is no less true, but it feels different.

Please pray for her. She is important to me and a lot of people I care about.


P.S. Happy Birthday Reagan!

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  1. Claire and I are praying daily...

    There may not be a reason revealed to us in this sucks. It makes me mad sometimes.

    That is really okay. He can take it!

    And being from Cali does not make you a wuss, it makes you a Weather Wuss. C'mon now. If it is colder than 60 or hotter than 85, I am complaining...I don't know how I would ever get used to it. It is like eating a juicy Rib Eye Steak cooked by Tom Colicchio every sing night, then having to eat over baked chicken instead. Sure, they mix in a steak once in a while, but that chicken will just never be as good as the steak. Just won't.

    That does not make me a wuss, it simply is a sign of someone that knows there is something better out is called Southern California Weather.